Heat Pumps

Not all homes were designed the same, and not all homeowners prefer furnaces to keep their families warm. Explore WeatherKing’s® reliable and highly efficient line of residential heat pumps and learn more about how a heat pump can add reliability to your home before winter hits.

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14 SEER (WP14)

14 SEER (WP14)

14 SEER (WP14)
    • Efficiency: 14 SEER/11.5 EER
    • Includes factory-installed low-pressure control
    • Easily accessible control box
    • Demand Defrost Control

    Warranty Information:

    • 5-year warranty on parts 

    Warranty extension upon registration:

    • Conditional Parts - Ten (10) Years

    To register equipment for extended warranty please visit https://weatherking.registermyunit.com/