14 SEER (WP14)

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14 SEER (WP14)

14 SEER (WP14)


  • Coils constructed with copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins
  • Includes factory-installed low-pressure control
  • Strong, attractive cabinet—louvred design protects the coil from damage
  • Expansion Valves with Internal Check Valve—Provides for quieter refrigerant metering
  • Demand Defrost Control
  • Non-Cycling Reversing Valve
  • Hot Gas Muffler
  • Service Valves
  • Grille/motor mount for quiet fan operation
  • Easily accessible control box.
  • Bi-Directional Filter Drier (shipped – not installed)
  • Certified and rated under AHRI Standard 240
  • U.L listed

WeatherKing remote heat pumps offer comfort and dependability for single, multi-family and light commercial applications.

  • Efficiency: 14 SEER/11.5 EER
  • Includes factory-installed low-pressure control
  • Easily accessible control box
  • Demand Defrost Control
AHRI C UL  US Listed Energy Star 



Parts - 5 Years

WeatherKing Warranty

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