WA14AZ Versus Line Air Conditioner

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WA14AZ Versus Line Air Conditioner

WA14AZ Versus Line Air Conditioner
  • Peace-Of-Mind Performance: Relax, you’re covered by a dependable warranty—5 Year Parts. 
  • Durable Curb Appeal: Curved louvered panels and rugged corner posts provide excellent protection to internal components, while modern cabinet aesthetics including the powder coat paint system allow your unit to put its best face forward for years to come. This model also features a one-piece drawn and painted base pan. The pan elevates the coil off the pad helping minimize corrosion while also reducing sound. 
  • Quiet Operation: Efficient home comfort shouldn’t be noisy. That’s why our air conditioners are designed with acoustics in mind. Integrated sound-dampening features such as refrigerant tubing design, fan blade approach, a one-piece drawn base pan and innovative compressor and drive technologies let you enjoy more efficiency—and less noise. 
  • Among Air Conditioners, This One’s a Star: Earning ENERGY STAR® recognition means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling equipment can enhance the comfort of your home while saving energy—which saves money on utility bills and protects our climate by reducing harmful carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases. 
Cooling Efficiency: 15.2 SEER2/12 EER2
Nominal Sizes: 11/2 to 5 Ton [5.28 to 17.6 kW]
Cooling Capacities: 17.1 to 55.5 kBTU [5.0 to 16.3 kW]


WA14AZ Versus Line iC Air Conditioner

Parts - Five (5) Years

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